3 Reasons Why We Love Body Contouring

3 Reasons Why We Love Body Contouring

There are places around the body where nature likes to store fat. These spots often seem arbitrary and out of our control, even when we go to great lengths to manage our weight and body shape through diet and exercise. 

Part of the problem concerns aging skin and fat deposits that sit between skin and muscle. No amount of toning can rein in those fat pockets. There’s also no way to designate where to draw fat for energy during a calorie-deficit diet. 

The body contouring battle isn’t lost, however. Patients of Bayview General Medicine already know about the power of SculpSure® laser lipolysis. Using specially designed applicators, SculpSure jumpstarts your body into reshaping its own fat deposits. Here are three reasons we love body contouring with SculpSure. 

1. It’s simple and drug-free

SculpSure delivers laser light energy that fat cells eagerly absorb. Like the energy transfer between the sun and your skin on a summer day, fat cells warm up with this light energy. When they reach the coagulation point, just a little higher than normal body temperature, fat cells are compromised. 

Your body sees these cells as damaged and starts a process to flush them from your body, along with the fat they hold. In the following weeks, you’ll start to experience changes in the treatment areas as coagulated cells leave the body. Effects peak around 12 weeks after treatment. 

That’s it, just light converting to heat. There’s no medication involved, no incisions, no pain, and no downtime or recovery period. You simply return to your regular daily routine after your session. You can treat up to four areas in a single 25-minute treatment. SculpSure laser lipolysis simply couldn’t be easier. 

2. It’s permanent

When your fat cells are gone, they’re gone. Your body doesn’t make more to replace those affected by SculpSure treatments. While your results may vary, you stand to lose nearly one-quarter of the fat cells in a treatment area. 

And about those treatment areas, SculpSure works on the typical trouble areas. You can treat fat deposits located: 

As long as you keep your weight under control, you’ll maintain the contours provided by SculpSure. 

3. You’re in control

You can reshape with SculpSure a little or a lot, where and when you need it. SculpSure is an ideal combination treatment with other aesthetic procedures. Its low impact means that SculpSure doesn’t get in the way of things like the roster of facial treatments we offer. 

It’s now up to you to choose the contours of your body. Learn more about the capabilities of SculpSure laser lipolysis in a consultation with Dr. Richard Blanchar and the team at Bayview General Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We’re SculpSure body contouring specialists, and we love to help you meet your aesthetic goals. Request an appointment by phone or online today. 

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