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Acne and Rosacea


CynoSure® Laser Systems for ACNE & ROSACEA


Elite IQ PhotoFacial

Elite IQ PhotoFacial


Elite IQ


Dr. Blanchar uses a specialized hand piece that filter's light in optimal bands that effectively treats the skin and the bacteria that causes acne. Cynosure Aesthetic Lasers can help with treating Rosacea or facial flushing. Improved tone and texture are seen just after one treatment.

Elite IQ is Ideal for Acne and Rosacea

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Control Oil and Bacteria for Clearer Skin

GLYTONE® Acne treatment products effectively target acne prone skin through proven at-home fighting formulas. Oil over-production and acne-related
bacteria are managed by unique GLYTONE® formulas to keep your skin clear and healthy.

The following ingredients are the key players in combating acne:

  • Salicylic Acid--exfoliates the skin's surface to help decrease acne causing bacteria. An effective acne treatment always begins
    with exfoliation to unclog the pores.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide--helps control surface oil and neutralize Propionibacterium Acnes (P. Acnes) on the skin.

GLYTONE® Acne skincare products manage acne at any stage in life. The unique formulations are a great way to treat oily, acne-troubled
skin. Additionally, GLYTONE® Acne also decreases fine lines from aging if the products are used on a regular basis.
You can achieve smoother skin, more even pigmentation, and a reduction in pore size all while effectively combating acne.

Glytone SA Peel 






20% Salicylic Acid


Perfect for Maintaining Clearer Skin




HydraFacial MD®

The HydraFacial MD professional facial system provides an innovative facial treatment that will have you saying goodbye to traditional facials. Using their patented Vortex Fusion® Technology along with their medical grade serums and peels, the HydraFacial procedure removes dirt, oil, make-up, lightens unwanted pigment, reduces redness, tightens, firms, refines pores and softens skin all in one 30 minute treatment. This procedure includes cleansing, peeling, extractions, hydration and calming. Most patients come in monthly for maintenance or before an event. This popular procedure is great for everyone and has been featured on the Doctors, Real Housewives, various magazines and more.


HydraFacial MD

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