Palomar Icon™ laser treatment is the most versatile and advanced laser and IPL system.

As the next generation of aesthetic systems, the Palomar Icon™ laser system has a state of the art cooling ability with high peak powers and a built in calibration. The intuitive user interface allows for fast treatments that give excellent results.

What The Icon™ Laser Treats:
• Hair removal
• Wrinkle treatments
• Non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing
• Skin tightening
• Acne and surgical scars
• Leg vein removal
• Stretch marks
• Pigmented and vascular lesions


Vectus Laser

No one likes dealing with unwanted hair, especially if your hair is naturally thick, coarse, and likes to grow faster than you can keep up with. To get to the root of unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be the best option for you. Rather than having to do tedious hair removal chores such as shaving, waxing, plucking etc, laser treatments can remove the hair in just a few sessions.

By utilizing laser technology, a better, safer, and longer lasting way to remove that unwanted hair that you've been slaving over maintaining for too long. Being the 3rd most non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the United States, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, laser hair removal can give you the results you want, and fast.

Our state of the art Vectus Laser System can give you effective and permanent hair reduction on any part of your body that you choose, whether it's the legs, face, bikini line, or back.

Contact Dr. Blanchar's office today to schedule a free consultation to determine whether laser hair removal is right for you.




Picosure Laser

PicoSure For Tattoo Removal

Every one in five people regret getting a tattoo, that's 20 percent of American's. Everyone has their own reason for removing a tattoo, whether its career related or a decision you regret, tattoo removal today is easy and nearly pain free. What's important to acknowledge when considering laser tattoo removal is that each tattoo contains different colors and ink volumes, therefore you want to consult your doctor with seeing how many treatments it will take to achieve your desired results.

PicoSure Laser Treatments

Without damaging the surrounding skin, the picosecond laser gently vibrates the pigment as your skin begin to absorb the energy which shatters the unwanted pigment, breaking it into micro-particles. Whether you want to remove, age/sun spots, unwanted freckles, tattoos, or discolored brown patches, PicoSure is may be the cosmetic treatment needed to achieve your goal.

Call to schedule your free consultation today to begin planning the removal of any tattoo, leaving your skin looking evenly toned and revitalized.


Featuring all of the latest additions to the PicoSure Work Station. 755nm, 532nm & Focus Lens Array. Effectively clearing ALL colors.



Look Great and Feel Amazing in Your Own Clothes.

Even with diet and exercise, most adults have stubborn areas of fat that seem impossible to get rid of.  Now with SculpSure, you can target these problem areas in just 25 minutes without surgery or downtime.

SculpSure is a breakthrough in non-invasive body contouring that treats bothersome areas of fat, helping you achieve the shape you want. The 25 minute procedure uses light-based technology to permanently destroy up to 30% of treated fat in problem areas such as the abdomen, love handles and more all in 1 treatment. Maximum results seen at 12 weeks post treatment. SculpSure is FDA approved.

Achieving a slimmer, more sculpted appearance is possible with the help of SculpSure. Call us to schedule a FREE consultation and learn more about your customized SculpSure treatment.




Be Confident. Be Sure. SculpSure. 

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