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Get Summer and Swimsuit Ready with a Few Body Contouring Sessions

Get Summer and Swimsuit Ready with a Few Body Contouring Sessions

Your body shape doesn’t always come down to diet and exercise. Genetics plays a huge role, and Mother Nature throws the odd curveball your way too. You only have so much control over fat deposits that exist between muscle and skin. 

The team at Bayview General Medicine offers their patients a nonsurgical solution to body contouring with SculpSure®, a laser-based system to literally melt away problem fat. SculpSure is the last step in achieving the beach body you deserve after all your hard work. 

The reasons behind unwanted fat deposits

There are two pillars behind reaching and maintaining your ideal body weight. Burning more calories than you consume forces your body to harvest energy from fat stores while toning muscles control the shape of fat deposits below them. 

That’s perhaps 80% of your battle, and congratulations on the hard work and great results. However, there’s a good chance you’re still frustrated with parts of your body that aren’t buying into your aesthetic goals. 

Unfortunately, you can’t choose where your body draws energy from when it needs additional calories. No amount of toning will change the shape of fat deposits that rest between skin and muscle. Turning toward lift-and-tuck surgeries doesn’t make sense since that means scars and recovery time. Instead, it’s time to turn to SculpSure. 

Laser lipolysis

When you’re at or near your ideal weight, you can use certain properties of fat cells in your favor. SculpSure takes advantage of the narrow temperature tolerance of adipose (fat) tissue. Light energy from SculpSure applicators penetrates outer skin layers, targeting subdermal fat cells. 

Laser light absorption warms adipose tissue. At first, you won’t feel this because SculpSure’s applicators cool skin on the surface. Throughout the 25-minute treatment session, you’ll feel the warming effects as fat cells climb in temperature. Fat warms to a temperature called the coagulation point. Your body responds to this as a signal that fat cells are compromised. 

Those cells get flagged for permanent removal. In the coming weeks, your body dissolves and disposes of those fat cells through the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Each SculpSure treatment melts up to 24% of fat cells in the treatment target area. It takes time for the effects to emerge, so now is the time to prepare for the high days of summer. 

Treatment areas

Every patient has unique problem areas, and the specially designed SculpSure applicators take this into account. You can melt away fat in many of the common trouble spots for fat retention, including: 

SculpSure is noninvasive. There are no incisions, and there’s no need to recover after a session. Consult with one of our body contouring specialists at Bayview General Medicine. Schedule your session by calling the office or clicking the appointment request link on this page today. 

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