Places on Your Body That Respond Best to Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal frees you from the regular chores of shaving, waxing, or however you rid yourself of unwanted body hair. You can prepare for the pool or beach with confidence, knowing that those stray hairs are not only under control, they’re gone for good.

Dr. Richard Blanchar and our team at Bayview General Medicine are pleased to offer Cynosure’s® Vectus® high volume hair removal laser to our patients. Able to adjust to your unique skin type, Vectus is versatile as well as effective, regardless of your hair removal needs.

The laser hair removal process

When you understand how laser hair removal works, you’ll see why some parts of your body respond better to treatment. Laser energy targets hair follicles that are actively in the growth phase. Roughly one-third of your body hair is actively growing at any one time, and during this process follicles are at their darkest.

Dark follicles stand in contrast to surrounding skin, so the Vectus laser has little effect on other tissue. Its energy gets absorbed by the follicle which is damaged by the gentle warming action of the laser. Your body recognizes when follicles are damaged and starts the process of dissolving and flushing these from your body.

Typically, your laser hair removal treatment breaks down into a minimum of three sessions about six weeks apart to catch all follicles when they’re in the growth phase. Any hairs that survive the laser process are usually exceptionally fine and virtually invisible.

Best locations for laser hair removal

Because the contrast between skin tone and hair follicle contributes to the efficiency of laser hair removal, some parts of the body respond better to treatments. For example, leg hairs tend to be darker, particularly on the lower legs, and so they typically respond quickly to laser treatments.

Facial hair is generally lighter, but it also has its own growth phase pattern, with more hairs in the resting phase. As you know, facial hair growth is faster than most other parts of the body. You may need more treatments to tame hair on the face with any laser hair removal system.

The bikini line is a big concern for many, and the good news is that hair in this area is perhaps the best type for laser removal. Since it’s usually coarse and dark compared to other body hair, the follicles absorb Vectus energy easily, triggering effective, permanent hair removal.

Your hair and skin type play an important role in the success of Vectus treatments, and as a contemporary laser hair removal system, it proves effective virtually everywhere on your body. While hair on your arms, chest, or back may not respond as well as other locations, it’s still no match for the effectiveness of the Vectus system.

Learn more about how laser hair removal can work for you by contacting Bayview General Medicine by phone or using the online appointment scheduler. You’re just a few short treatments away from banishing draconian hair removal methods forever.

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