Are Your Smile Lines Threatening Your Smile?

Are Your Smile Lines Threatening Your Smile?

It’s inevitable. Starting in your mid to late 20s, collagen production in your body begins to slow down, meaning that natural tissue loss outpaces the rate of replacement. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and an important support layer for the epidermis, the surface skin that protects you from the environment. 

Once this cycle starts, you begin to notice the signs of aging, most commonly on your face. Over time, the creases of your nasolabial folds, the smile lines above and beside your mouth, start to deepen with the loss of collagen in the middle dermis layer of your skin. This can alter the contours of your mouth in unflattering ways. 

At Bayview General Medicine, we recommend radiofrequency (RF) microneedling with the Potenza™ system from Cynosure®. It’s a proven way to start a collagen renewal process that adds support for the epidermis, tightening the skin with fresh tissue production. Your smile lines fill in and smooth out, restoring more youthful profiles. 

Microneedling and collagen induction

Despite the decline in collagen production, your body retains its ability to ramp up the creation of new tissue. However, jump-starting this process requires an injury to spur your body’s response. That’s great when you have a cut or scrape, but it takes a little more care when you want to renew your skin’s collagen matrix to counteract aging. 

Microneedling has long been an effective collagen induction tool. Using a pen with a series of fine, sterile needles on the end, microneedling creates tiny punctures to fool your body into action. Sensing widespread injury from the pen, the healing reaction starts new collagen production across the treatment area. 

Potenza RF Microneedling

Heat is another trigger stimulus for starting collagen induction. Potenza delivers radiofrequency energy through its pen to warm existing collagen to the point where your skin perceives damage. Once again, your body identifies coagulated tissue and begins to flush it from your body while producing new collagen to replace it. 

As new tissue develops, it attracts and stores moisture, important for young-looking skin. Fresh tissue means added support and volume under the epidermis. These fill in the creases of nasolabial folds, reducing their depth and softening your appearance. You can once again smile with confidence. 

It’s not an instant process, though the results are long-lasting. Your Potenza treatment starts a natural healing response, so you can expect to see results emerging in four to six weeks, while your maximum response usually arrives around the 12-week mark. 

The first step to reducing the appearance of deep smile lines is a consultation with our Potenza RF microneedling specialists at Bayview General Medicine. Smile lines are just the beginning. Potenza is the ideal choice virtually anywhere you want to see tighter, well-toned skin. 

You can reach our Fort Lauderdale office by phone or by clicking the appointment request link on this page. Call today to start your journey toward smoother, younger skin. 


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