Can Laser Treatment Help My Acne?

Can Laser Treatment Help My Acne?

The hormone maelstrom that accompanies adolescence drives the change from childhood to maturity. Though inevitable, some of these changes are more welcome than others. Acne may be a top contender on the “unwelcome” list. 

For some, adult acne continues long after high school is a distant memory. It can be driven by other hormone events like menopause. Scars and discoloration from teen outbreaks may remain with you, too. 

Laser therapy offers a simple and noninvasive approach to minimizing current acne activity as well as addressing the pits and redness of previous episodes. 

Dr. Richard Blanchar and our team at Bayview General Medicine offer the versatile Elite IQ™ laser system. It features a state-of-the-art cooling ability with high peak powers and a built-in calibration. The intuitive user interface allows for fast treatments that give excellent results, and is safe for all skin types.

The twin problems of acne

An acne outbreak can leave your skin covered in pimples and pustules on your face, chest, and upper back. They can sometimes be painful as well as unsightly. During a severe outbreak, new blemishes can emerge before earlier ones fully heal, causing disruptions in the collagen matrix. 

Pits and bumps form where collagen is forced to make repairs in a haphazard way. Your body considers the repair successful, even though you may not be happy with the result, so acne damage remains until you choose to treat it. 

The power of light

Aesthetic treatments using lasers are increasingly popular ways to deal with many skin conditions and flaws, including acne and its damage. 

Clearing outbreaks

The Elite IQ™system makes an excellent addition to your current acne regimen. Dr. Blanchar uses this advanced laser system to reduce the appearance of acne and acne scarring. 

Reducing damage

Scars and discoloration can be treated once active outbreaks are done. The challenge in this case is restoring an even collagen matrix. This means triggering the body to start the healing process again over the area affected by acne. 

Aggressive dermabrasions and chemical peels can accomplish similar effects, but you could have recovery times of up to two weeks, while the Elite IQ™system lets you return to your normal day, immediately after treatment in most cases. 

Find out more about how laser treatment can help your acne by contacting Bayview General Medicine, by phone or online today. 

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