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Can You Help Me Reverse Sun Damage?

 Can You Help Me Reverse Sun Damage?

Photoaging is difficult to avoid here in the Sunshine State. You’ve likely already incorporated high-SPF sunscreen into your daily routine to minimize the skin damage that goes hand in hand with exposure to sunlight's ultraviolet (UV) components. 

These effects are real and potentially severe since sun-powered DNA mutations can cause cancer. The signs of premature aging that sunlight can generate are less serious, though still significant. 

Fortunately, a wide range of treatments help you reverse the effects of sun damage on your skin. At Bayview General Medicine, we offer choices, including the latest refinements in new technology and traditional therapies. Here’s an overview of several of our recommended treatments. See our medical aesthetics professionals for a personalized photoaging care plan. 

Laser treatments

The unique properties of laser light offer an innovative approach to treating the effects of sun damage. UV light can break down the structure of skin cells, leading to effects like lines, wrinkles, and irregular pigmentation. Your skin looks tired, dry, and uneven. 

Collagen and elastin proteins found in the skin’s middle layer suffer from sun exposure, resulting in the loss of elasticity and hydration. Your body retains the ability to generate new collagen tissue, though it needs stimulation to start the process. 

That’s where cosmetic lasers come into the picture. Lasers emit light in single wavelengths, some of which pass easily through your skin’s surface with little effect before being absorbed by the collagen layer. 

As light energy hits collagen, it converts to heat, warming middle layer tissue to the point where a natural replacement process gets triggered. New collagen brings renewed vitality and nourishment, while the old tissue flushes out the pigmentation from sun spots. 

At Bayview General Medicine, we offer the PicoSure® and Elite iQ™ platforms to cover the range of symptoms of sun damage. 


Going beyond the scope of manual facial techniques, HydraFacial adds a powerful vacuum extraction system that deep cleans and exfoliates the skin while hydrating and nourishing it with personalized moisturizing formulas that meet your skin’s specific needs. 

A 30-minute HydraFacial treatment provides deep and lasting results, refreshing the dulled-down appearance of sun-damaged skin. 

Glytone EnerPeel®

Chemical peels have long been an effective way to fight sun damage. The process (and results) are similar to laser treatments — the chemical peel's strength determines the penetration depth. 

Glytone EnerPeel products provide professional-strength treatments with various options that match your skin’s needs. Compared with similar peel products, Glytone EnerPeel treatments are generally more efficient with less downtime. 

Every patient has unique sun damage challenges. Visit the specialists at Bayview General Medicine in Fort Lauderdale for a personalized skin assessment — book today online or by phone. 

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