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Celebrities Overdoing Fillers: How to Avoid Looking PUFFED

Do you notice the over plumped, pouty, and puffed looks that are taking over Hollywood? Ah yes, these are fillers. Fillers are a fantastic product when used appropriately. They can leave you looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and reverse aging. However, when overused they can have a very negative effect on your appearance.

Learn about the types of cosmetic procedures available

We often question why some Doctor’s allow their patients to go so overboard. This brings up the ever controversial issue of quality versus quantity.  It’s an MD responsibility to advise against overuse. Utilizing Juvederm and dermal fillers are not meant to reverse the aging process. It is meant to assist in aging gracefully. Women in Hollywood or trying to erase time this is not the solution to look 25 forever but embrace taking care of yourself and feeling good about yourself.

We believe in promoting confidence in our patients.  We believe in all the great results filler, Botox, and injectables in general. However, we are seeing so much over use it’s becoming obvious that it’s important to educate and inform how to use these products appropriately. Showing clients images for reference is a great way to engage them in the process.

Review before and after photo of cosmetic treatments

Showing before and after images and engaging them as well as guiding them towards appropriate suggestions will gauge and direct them.  Your patients are the best reference of your work. Showing beautiful results is great but they must also be appropriate.  This is individualized based on the patients need and recommendations that the Doctor presents.  Hollywood creates unrealistic pressure. This enables the norm to be abnormal and insist that it be controlled or reversed.

Do not make unnecessary changes to your body

While we agree to that injectibles are great, the overuse is not a good look for anyone. It creates an inflated, puffy, swollen look not the youthful glow it’s supposed to. Fillers create a collagen-enhanced looked. It’s not human to produce mass amounts of collagen. Enhance your beauty with filler and injectables don’t defy it. Ask your Doctor his opinion and never takes matters into your own hands you can we end up looking unrecognizable or wonderfully youthful, fresh, and rejuvenated when utilized appropriately.

Dr. Blanchar

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