Clear Away Unsightly Spider Veins Before Summer

Your legs play a challenging role, carrying you everywhere you need to go. Yet, despite their daily load, your legs are far away from the fresh blood pumped from your heart. That means the blood in your legs fights gravity to complete its circuit. Sometimes, your leg veins suffer from the loads they endure. When this happens you can develop spider veins

For most people, spider veins are simply a cosmetic issue that shows through the translucent layers of skin on the legs. Related to varicose veins, which are sometimes associated with more urgent medical issues, it’s usually safe to eliminate spider veins with medical treatment, since your body establishes back-up routes to supply your body with blood. 

When the appearance of veins begins to bother you, contact Dr. Richard Blanchar and our team at Bayview General Medicine to discuss removing spider veins with the Elite iQ™ aesthetic laser workstation. Acting now restores your legs’ smooth complexion in time for summer. 

The role of venous valves

One of the ways veins perform their work is through the presence of valves that usually prevent the backflow of blood and help maximize the pumping push from your heart. Veins also get a boost from secondary pumping action created by various muscles. In your legs, the action of walking assists the upward movement of blood. 

These valves can fail, particularly when you have other forces affecting you, such as pregnancy or a job that requires long periods of sitting or standing. These conditions and others place strain on leg vein walls, pushing outward to the point where valves are no longer effective. Blood starts to pool, and superficial veins begin to show through your skin. 

Treating spider veins

Though varicose veins can cause discomfort and pain, spider veins have few symptoms other than the negative effects on appearance. There are several effective methods to clear up these unsightly veins, however Dr. Blanchar recommends the Elite iQ laser system for safe, non-invasive treatment that requires no recovery time after your session.  

How Elite iQ works

Every laser system amplifies and focuses a single wavelength of light. Some devices, like the Elite iQ, can tune to more than one wavelength, making these ideal for matching to different skin types. 

This is important, since the treatment of spider veins requires that laser light passes through your surface skin, as though it’s transparent, for absorption by the spider veins. As veins absorb the Elite iQ’s light, they warm up gently, reaching the point where your body takes note and tags that tissue for removal. That’s it. That’s what happens during your session at Dr. Blanchar’s office. 

In the days and weeks following your treatment, spider veins dissolve and absorb into your lymphatic and circulatory system, after which they’re filtered as waste and removed from your body. You’ve already got new veins in place to supply blood to areas that used the vanished veins. All this occurs with no incisions or needles. 

Contact Bayview General Medicine to learn more about the options you have for smooth-looking, spider vein-free legs this summer with help from the Elite iQ laser system. You can call the office directly or request an appointment online. Book your consultation today. 

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