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Don't Let Acne Wreck Your Confidence

There are those lucky people who leave acne behind with their teens, but many others continue to see red bumps, pimples, and new scars forming much later in life. About 80% of Americans between 11 and 30 have outbreaks, and acne can persist even longer for some.  

Dr. Richard Blanchar, medical director at Bayview General Medicine & Aesthetics in Fort Lauderdale, specializes in medical aesthetics, so he’s well-versed in treating active acne outbreaks as well as clearing up the uneven skin tone and scarring that the condition sometimes leaves behind. Contact us if you or a family member struggle with the confidence-breaking potential of acne.

The causes behind acne

A disease of the sebaceous glands, acne tends to appear on your face, chest, back, and shoulders, where the heaviest concentrations of these glands reside. There are four primary factors behind acne, though it’s not fully understood why these affect people with different levels of intensity. You may struggle with acne when:

The redness, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples of acne often shake the confidence of teens who are developing concern for their appearance. Acne has little to do with poor hygiene. In fact, aggressive over-cleaning can make it worse. It can take time and experimentation to find an effective solution for your particular case of acne.

Dr. Blanchar recommends three treatments, depending on where you are in the acne cycle. Each treats a different aspect of acne and its symptoms.

Prevention and reduction

Our team at Bayview General Medicine & Aesthetics stands by the Glytone® line of acne treatment products. With a wide range of formulations that target various skin types and acne activity levels, these products incorporate some of the most effective anti-acne ingredients, including benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur.

Repair and recovery

For scarring and pigmentation caused by acne, Dr. Blanchar turns to the Icon® laser system. This system uses a variety of handpieces to deliver light energy toward different skin conditions. Laser light penetrates the outer layer of your skin and warms layers below the surface to jump-start a healing process that lightens skin tone and evens out the texture of scarred skin.


With acne activity stalled and skin tone and texture improved, it’s time to maintain your confidence by keeping your skin looking its best. HydraFacial® treatments use a specially designed spiral tip augmented with hydrating serums to clean and exfoliate your skin. You’ll see improved skin tone and texture, while HydraFacial whisks away the oil and congestion that may trigger acne outbreaks. It’s a supercharging addition to your acne follow-up care.

The acne battle can be won. When you need reinforcements, contact Dr. Blanchar and our team at Bayview General Medicine & Aesthetics. We’re ready to help you find the right solutions with a treatment plan designed for your skin. Call or click to book your appointment today.

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