Hit the Reset Button This Year With Skin Resurfacing

January 1 is a typical time to pledge personal resets, whether it’s to lose weight, save money, or learn a new skill. Many typical resolutions will shake up the status quo and reinvigorate your life through the longer, dark days of winter. 

This year, consider an aesthetic addition to your reinvention plans. Skin resurfacing hits the reset button on the appearance of your face, bringing fresh, new vitality to skin that may be showing signs of age and sun exposure. The winter months are the perfect time for light-based skin resurfacing so that the benefits of treatment shine when the weather turns warmer. 

A visit to Bayview General Medicine gives you the option of several light-based skin resurfacing techniques, as well as hydradermabrasion and chemical peel solutions. Dr. Richard Blanchar and our team are skin resurfacing specialists so no matter what condition your skin is in, they have the answer to refresh your look. 

How skin resurfacing works

Your body retains the ability to create new skin tissue throughout your life. You see evidence of this every time you have a cut or scrape that heals over with no sign of the injury remaining. However, these repair mechanisms don’t kick in just because you decide your skin could use refreshing. You need a skin treatment that jumpstarts the healing process in a careful and controlled way. 

That’s where resurfacing treatments apply. No matter what technique you choose, you’re deliberately damaging your skin so that your body starts to make new tissue smoothly and evenly. Older skin that shows signs of aging and sun damage makes way for new tissue that’s fresh and smooth. 

Resurfacing methods

Skin resurfacing, though using the same fundamentals to restore skin, comes in different styles and strengths. Light-based treatments include lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) systems, each of which can provide a variety of treatment intensities. 

Bayview General Medicine offers two laser-based treatments. The Icon™ and PicoSure® systems provide a range of intensities, so no matter how mild or severe your resurfacing needs are, you can count on one platform being the best match for your skin type and treatment goals. 

You can also choose HydraFacial®, a custom microneedling system that adds nourishment and moisture to the resurfacing process, or Glytone EnerPeels®, a line of chemical peel products that use chemicals such as glycolic acid to stimulate the skin resurfacing process. 

Resurfacing intensity

Just as everyone’s skin differs, the effects of aging and sun exposure on your skin may not be the same as someone else’s. Even your personal taste is a factor when you’re particular about aspects of your appearance. That’s one reason for the variety of skin resurfacing options. Each has its own characteristics regarding skin conditions, skin types, and even recovery time. 

Contact us at Bayview General Medicine for a personalized consultation to find out which treatment or combination will give the results you’re after. You can request an appointment from this website, or call the office directly. Put your best face forward in the spring with skin resurfacing now. 

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