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How to Ensure Natural-Looking Botox Results

How to Ensure Natural-Looking Botox Results

Botox® Cosmetic and other botulinum toxin type A injection treatments are, by a wide margin, the most requested aesthetic procedure requested today, with over 4 million treatments performed in 2020. 

One reason for the popularity of Botox is simply that it works. In the hands of an experienced aesthetic specialist, your tense and tired appearance eases into a smooth and relaxed younger looking you. 

Our team at Bayview General Medicine specializes in Botox treatments, and as a medical aesthetic clinic, we are the ideal choice when you’re looking for the best in Botox care. Dr. Richard Blanchar encourages you to educate yourself about Botox to ensure that you get the results you want. 

How Botox works

The active ingredient in Botox is found in nature as a powerful neurotoxin, able to paralyze human muscle tissue for several months by blocking the action of a neurotransmitter in your body. For use as a cosmetic treatment, this ingredient is purified and diluted. There’s only a tiny amount of the chemical in your body during and after a treatment. 

The problem that Botox solves is one of muscle contraction. Certain expression muscles in your face are prone to semi-permanent contraction. The most common culprits create crow’s feet or laugh lines beside your eyes, worry lines between your eyes that are sometimes called the “elevens,” and horizontal lines on your forehead. 

When muscles in these locations hold their contraction, your face could take on a concerned, worried, or older appearance, since even when you’re relaxed, the expression muscles are not. Careful injection of Botox into the affected tissue releases the contractions and smooths your appearance. 

Ensuring natural results

Botox is the top nonsurgical aesthetic procedure in the United States, so virtually anyone with Botox training can administer the injections. There are plenty of nonmedical spas that offer these services. 

One of the most important contributors to successful treatment is knowledge of facial anatomy. Dr. Blanchar added aesthetic services to his general medicine practice in the early 2000s, just as Botox Cosmetic received approval from the Food and Drug Administration, and who’s better suited to know your facial anatomy better than an aesthetic specialist physician? 

Not everyone is a good Botox candidate. Choosing a medical practice for treatment improves the chances that your caregiver will be honest and upfront about your suitability for treatment. They understand the importance of your medical history and its impact on Botox treatments. If you have warning signs that Botox may not be right for you, Dr. Blanchar will let you know ahead of treatment. 

Botox isn’t a standard treatment where everyone receives the same amount injected into the same places. Muscle size and person-to-person variables mean that each procedure must be custom tailored for your face. 

Similarly, other botulinum toxin type A products have different formulations and they’re not interchangeable. Bayview General Medicine offers both Botox and Dysport®. You owe it to yourself to choose the practice that knows the differences and when to recommend a particular product. 

There’s an element of art needed when helping you to look your best. Contact Bayview General Medicine, by phone or online, to schedule your personal Botox consultation today. 

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