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How to Prepare for Your First Botox Appointment

When you can no longer hide the signs of aging with makeup, the thought of erasing wrinkles and frown lines can be a dream come true. For many, Botox® can make that dream a reality, but it’s also important to have realistic expectations as you prepare for your first appointment. Dr. Richard Blanchar, medical director at Lauderdale, Florida-based Bayview General Medicine and Aesthetics shares some tips for preparing to make the most of your first Botox treatment.

Be transparent

During your consultation, be open about your medical history and any medications you are taking. Natural supplements count, too. Discuss any health conditions, illnesses, or prior skin treatments you’ve had before Botox. Also, let Dr. Blanchar know if you’re pregnant, trying to conceive, or breastfeeding. And, if you’re a smoker or have respiratory issues, be sure to mention that as well.

Remember to discuss any allergies you have, or if you’ve had allergic reactions to any types of medications or skincare products. Ask questions, so you feel comfortable about your understanding of how Botox can improve your specific facial lines and wrinkles.

Be on the same wavelength

Whenever you’re getting a cosmetic procedure, it’s vital to be on the same wavelength — to have the same vision — as your doctor. Be sure that you talk about your desired outcome so you’re both in agreement with how dramatic you’d like the results to be. Do you want to look as natural as possible, or are you looking for a more “frozen” appearance?

Most of the time, men and women want to look natural and have a wide range of facial expressions, but also minimize the deep lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. It’s important to discuss this ahead of time so Dr. Blanchar can customize your treatment to give you the best results.

Start preparing at least a week before Botox

If you’re taking any medications or supplements that can thin your blood, it’s a good idea to stop taking them about a week or so before your first Botox appointment to minimize any bruising from the injections. Medications and supplements you should avoid taking include:

If you’re not sure about something, ask. Dr. Blanchar will advise you based on your specific needs. Also, it’s a good idea to skip that margarita or glass of wine one or two days before your appointment, especially if you bruise easily. Anything you can do to help minimize bruising at the site of the Botox injections will improve your recovery.

Get real

It’s just as important to be emotionally ready for Botox as it is to be physically prepared. While Botox can make a dramatic difference in your face, and you can get smoother, younger-looking skin, it isn’t cosmetic surgery. Keep your expectations realistic, and you’ll be happy with the results.

If you’re ready for a younger, more youthful appearance, with fewer lines and wrinkles, you may be ready for Botox. Call or request an appointment online with Dr. Blanchar and come to Bayview General Medicine and Aesthetics’ state-of-the-art medical and aesthetic office in Fort Lauderdale.

Dr. Blanchar

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