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 I'm in My 20s —Why Do I Already Have Wrinkles?

 I'm in My 20s —Why Do I Already Have Wrinkles?

While you expect the appearance of wrinkles as you get older, you don’t expect it to happen in your 20s. However, many factors contribute to the formation of wrinkles, and it’s possible that more than one of these could conspire to create creases, crinkles, and crow’s feet before your 30th birthday. 

We know how important your youthful complexion is to you at Bayview General Medicine, so we offer a wide variety of medical aesthetic approaches to minimize the signs of aging on your skin. Dr. Richard Blanchar and our team specialize in general skin care and wrinkle-specific treatments like Botox®, dermal fillers, and skin resurfacing. We’ve got the procedures you need to meet your aesthetic goals. 

The reasons for wrinkles

You might never discover what caused your skin to age early. Genetics plays a big role. If your parents developed wrinkles in their 20s, your chances are more likely, too. One factor, though, likely plays an even more significant role in wrinkle formation. 

That factor is sun exposure. The ultraviolet (UV) components of sunlight can change the cellular composition of your skin if you regularly head outdoors without protection, like a high-SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen, or protective clothing, including a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. 

Some medical professionals estimate that over 90% of age-related wrinkles start with sun damage that accumulates over years. In particular, collagen and elastin are two skin proteins that suffer from UV rays. These components of your skin’s middle layer provide resilience and youthful firmness, so your skin weakens and slackens when the sun breaks down the tissue. 

Other causes of premature wrinkles can include smoking, airborne pollutants, and frequent expression-muscle contractions that become semi-permanent. 

What can I do about early wrinkles? 

Wrinkles have many causes; they require a wide range of treatments. Much depends on the condition of your skin and its type. Our medical aesthetic professionals listen to you and your skin care goals and recommend the treatments that will provide the results you want. Listed here are just a few of the procedures we offer. 

Skin resurfacing

Stimulating new tissue growth is an excellent way to renew your skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin resurfacing isn’t a single treatment but rather a variety of techniques that trigger new growth in your skin’s middle and outer layers. We frequently recommend the PicoSure® laser system, the HydraFacial® three-step facial system, and Glytone EnerPeels® chemical peels. 

Botox Cosmetic

Some wrinkles originate not in your skin but from your expression muscles beside and between your eyes and forehead. 

With time and activity, these muscles reach a stage where they never fully relax. Botox injections block the chemical activity that causes muscle contractions. Carefully applied by our team of aesthetic professionals, your Botox treatment provides natural results that last for months. 

Dermal fillers

When the collagen layer starts to break down, skin can collapse into crevices and voids. Your body also slows collagen production in your 20s, so you might lose plumpness and volume in areas like your cheeks or lips. Dermal fillers are also injectable treatments, but unlike Botox, fillers restore lost volume. These, too, are treatments that deliver months-long results, depending on the patient and the product. 

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Blanchar and the team at Bayview General Medicine to discuss your aesthetic goals. You can book your visit online or by phone. Now is an excellent time to tackle those wrinkles, so make an appointment today. 

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