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Refresh Your Face with a HydraFacial® This Spring

Dead skin cells, natural body oils, and cosmetics can add up to a gooey, gunky mess that dulls the appearance of your skin, no matter how complete your home care rituals are. Every now and then you need a professional procedure to bring forth your inner glow. 

But who has time to recover from an aggressive dermabrasion or chemical peel? While it’s true today’s work-at-home opportunities may make it possible for some, others still prefer the “lunchtime facial,” a procedure that takes 60 minutes or less while allowing you to go back to your regular activities immediately. 

The good news is there are more lunchtime options available now, no matter what time of day you book an appointment. The team at Bayview General Medicine in Fort Lauderdale frequently recommends HydraFacial® for our patients who want to revitalize the appearance of their skin without days or weeks of recovery time. 

Exfoliation with a difference

Hydradermabrasion in general offers a more gentle alternative to conventional dermabrasion or aggressive chemical peel treatments. HydraFacial ups the impact even more with a spin: vortex action that delivers nutrients and moisturizers to your skin, while a proprietary vacuum stimulates blood flow and simultaneously whisks away dirt, debris, and toxins. 

The difference may be the HydroPeel® spiral tip that helps to dislodge the impurities that clog your skin. Suction action replaces much of the harsh skin abrasion that requires recovery time after treatment. Not only are dead cells, oils, and old makeup removed by this vacuum action, blood flow to the surface of your skin increases, bringing its own stimulation and nourishment. 

Three-part process

HydraFacial takes you through three steps in the typically 30-minute treatment. It starts with a gentle resurfacing that exposes a new layer of skin. That’s often enough in itself to restore freshness and vitality to your skin, but it’s only the first benefit. 

The painless suction process cleans below the surface, extracting debris from your pores. The vortex action also delivers hydration to the pore level, hydrating your skin for deep absorption. Finally, the fuse and protect process soaks your skin with peptides and antioxidants to provide maximum glow. 

The benefits

As well as revealing a fresh layer of skin, HydraFacial reduces the appearance of many common issues that prematurely age your skin. Your skin’s firmness and elasticity start to fade as you get older, leading to wrinkles and lines. Your skin texture in general suffers. After a HydraFacial treatment, you’ll see the benefits of hydration and nourishment as well as below-the-surface stimulation. Lines fade, gaps fill, and texture smoothes. 

If you suffer from enlarged pores, oily and congested skin, or acne, HydraFacial combats each of these issues with its deep cleaning. Depending on your skin type, your treatment could include pre-cleaning to further break down the obstacles between you and great skin. 

Finally, sun damage often shows as brown spots, clumps of pigment that form under the influence of ultraviolet exposure. Breaking up these clumps depends on the deep stimulation provided by HydraFacial, and it’s a feature that more superficial treatments can’t match. 

Spring is the right time to book your HydraFacial with Dr. Richard Blanchar and our team at Bayview General Medicine. You can call the office directly or request an appointment online. Summer will be here sooner than you think, so put your best face forward. 

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