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Tips for Keeping Your Skin Glowing All Winter

We’re lucky in the Fort Lauderdale area to escape the ravages of winter weather, with harsh winds and cold, dry conditions that take a toll on exposed skin. Instead, we have 12 months of sunshine (let’s ignore hurricane season for now), and the break from the heat that comes in the winter months makes it a great time to get outside.

Staying active outdoors is fantastic for your overall health, but even in the Sunshine State, we’re aware of the effects of ultraviolet light and its tendency to age skin prematurely, create dark spots on your skin, and contribute to skin cancers. Keeping your skin in top condition through the winter is a task that’s much different than that of your friends in many northern states. Here are some tips to help you stay your glowing self.

Keep it Clean

Though the cooler temperatures of winter are welcome, it’s still plenty warm and humid. That’s one of the reasons tourists flock here, of course. So while you’re enjoying the break from triple-digit temperatures, your skin can still build up oils, potentially clogging pores and creating blackheads and pimples. But, in January and February, the humidity can back off, and when it does, your skin gets drier, too.

Keeping clean is a balancing act, so choose a cleanser that can remove excess skin oils, but without overly drying your skin. Gentle cleaning is the key, so stay away from cleansers with sulfates or alcohol.

Pile on the Moisturizer

Even the gentlest cleansers will rob your skin of moisture, and moisture is essential to healthy, young-looking skin.

Gentle, water-based moisturizers that won’t contribute to blocked pores best serve naturally oily skin. If you have normal to dry skin, however, you may want to turn to overnight oil-based products that penetrate and offer much-needed moisture overnight.

Add products with hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, glycerin or similar formulations. Stick with water-based moisturizers during the day, if you need to go around the clock with hydration.

Block the Sun

Unless you’ve been hiding in the shade, you know the importance of limiting UV exposure. As good as the sun feels, too much of it is a bad thing.

Wearing wide-brimmed hats and consistently applying effective sunscreens are part of the toolkit to protect against premature aging skin, dark skin spots, and skin cancer. All your moisturizing efforts are in vain if sun exposure dries you up. Your skin can lose its ability to hold moisture, and too much sun can aggravate this.

Food Support

Moisturizing isn’t all from the outside. Don’t forget that the water you drink supports your body’s efforts to stay young. During the summer, the need to hydrate is more obvious, but you can lose more body moisture than you’d think through cooler temperatures and drier air.

Eating foods rich in antioxidants is a tasty way to keep your skin looking its best. Those foods include dark greens, beans, nuts, and berries. Antioxidants counter the aging effects of free radicals, so add these super foods to your balanced diet for long-term, ongoing skin care.

Skin Resurfacing

Winter in Florida may be the ideal time for a skin resurfacing procedure, providing benefits that will last year-round.

When your body reacts to injuries of the skin, natural healing systems kick in and repair damage in remarkable ways. Skin resurfacing is a way to take advantage of the body’s healing mechanisms in a controlled way that creates refreshed and younger skin.

Whether you choose one of our laser procedures or chemical peel resurfacing methods, in every case the treatment stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin in the dermis layer of your skin. These tissues support your outer skin as well as collecting and storing moisture that feeds the glow.

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