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What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is the first FDA-approved treatment to use a laser for non-invasive lipolysis. It is focused on reducing fat cells within the thighs, flanks, abdomen, and back. A revolutionary, carefully systematized technology, SculpSure uses light to target areas that have been slow to shed fat through diet, exercise, or other means. This hands-free method is not just powerful but incredibly versatile. It makes it possible to treat more than one part of your body at the same time. The doctor or practitioner is able to lower the volume of stubborn fat for people with diverse body types; plus, it allows them to rid fat from areas of their bodies that can and cannot be pinched. SculpSure is effective for any person, regardless of skin tone.

Studies reveal high satisfaction & low discomfort

Do patients like this treatment? Almost all patients said that they were pleased with the laser procedure, according to a study by two physicians that was presented at the annual conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery in April 2015. The two doctors were generally assessing the safety and efficacy of the treatment when used to reduce fat within the flanks. As part of their research, they asked patients if they were satisfied by the procedure; more than 90% said that they were.

Additional research from 2015 looked, in part, at the issue of comfort – this time with the treatment targeting stubborn fat within the abdomen. On a scale of 1 to 10, the average patient rating for discomfort was just 3.7.

How long until you see results?

It is good to know that patients like the procedure – that they are generally pleased with it and are able to feel comfortable throughout. The system is effective according to numerous clinical studies. Usually you will see a positive impact in a very short treatment period – 1 ½ to 3 months. In other words, this strategy is effective in helping you achieve the goal of lowering your weight while maintaining your comfort, all in just 6 to 12 weeks.

Why is this treatment strong compared to other options?

The 1060nm wavelength laser that is used in SculpSure treatments directs powerful light energy at fat cells that lie underneath the skin. Following your appointment, the cells are removed from the body naturally. Via a controlled hyperthermic laser, the technique intentionally injures adipose tissue (fat) by heating it, without any effect on other cells in the vicinity.

One of the primary reasons that this treatment is so often championed by medical professionals is that it is so tightly controlled. The diode laser technology introduces energy to the fat beneath the epidermis (skin) and dermis, where it is absorbed – leading to destruction of the fat cells.

How do you get ready for a SculpSure treatment?

Are you considering an appointment to benefit from this state-of-the-art technology? The first thing you will want to be ready to discuss is the regions of your body that you feel could benefit from fat reduction the most. The doctor will be able to tell you the number of appointments it will take to effectively obliterate the fat cells in those areas.

You will also want to be ready to talk about any serious illnesses or medical operations you have had, along with any prescription medication you are now taking.

It is also a good idea to stay away from blood thinners and pain medication such as aspirin for a few days before you have your first SculpSure session. These drugs are avoided to lower the chance of bruising.

How does SculpSure work?

SculpSure is a fat reduction process called lipolysis that essentially melts away fat cells, eliminating them over time following the procedure.

At your session, you will sit comfortably, leaning back. The target treatment regions will be marked by the doctor or other licensed practitioner.

While treatment is occurring, the device will be wrapped around you – similar to a belt. The 1060-nanometer diode laser is directed to your body through applicators that can get up to 107.6 F and 116.6 F. As you can see by those temperatures, although the word "melt" is used, it is not extreme heat but just hot enough to destroy the fat cells beneath the skin without damaging any of the surrounding tissue.

During the session (usually about 25 minutes), you will feel the device fluctuate between its laser and a cooling capacity. Throughout, you can simply relax or read a magazine. For the three months following SculpSure treatment, the dead fat cells will leave the body via the lymphathic system.


Are you interested in SculpSure to treat your body’s stubborn fat? It all starts with communication. At Bayview General Medicine, Dr. Richard Blanchar, MD, will work with you to achieve your ideal shape. Learn more.

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