Why Fillers Are a Great Anti-Aging Option

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If you do an Internet search for the words “anti-aging products,” in less than a second, you’re left to sift through a whopping 277 million results. When it comes to effective, and immediate, results, however, few can match dermal fillers. In fact, you can visit us on a lunch break and leave looking more full and youthful.

Here at Bayview General Medicine & Aesthetics, under the expert guidance of Dr. Richard Blanchar, our goal is to offer our Fort Lauderdale, Florida, clients with the best anti-aging options to help their outsides match their youthful spirits on the inside. One of our most popular, and easiest, weapons that accomplish this are dermal fillers.

Here’s a look at why these FDA-approved cosmetic injectables are such a great anti-aging option.

Aging skin

Before we get into how dermal fillers work, let’s first take a look at what we’re up against when it comes to aging in your skin. Consider that your skin is designed for one purpose: To come between you and the outside world, protecting you from whatever comes your way. In this role, it undergoes considerable abuse, literally taking a hit for your body’s team, day in and day out.

The main offender in this regard is the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which break down your skin cells and your elastin fibers like no other force. In fact, up to 85% of your premature wrinkles are owed to sun exposure.

Next, your body naturally loses collagen and elastin as you age, which are the structural proteins responsible for the elasticity and tone in your skin. This causes your skin to sag and also leaves it unable to hold onto the thin layer of fat underneath, leaving certain areas hollow and sunken.

Fill ‘er up

To fight back against these forces, we turn to dermal fillers, which are an excellent solution for filling in lines, restoring volume to your cheeks, and plumping thinning lips. We offer several different types of fillers, some that contain hyaluronic acid and one that relies on calcium hydroxylapatite. Here’s how they work:

Juvéderm® and Restylane®

Both of these fillers rely on hyaluronic acid, which are sugars naturally found in your skin that help provides hydration, fullness, and elasticity. Restylane and Juvéderm fillers are designed to tackle moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and lines, such as nasolabial folds (the deep lines that run from your nose down to your chin on either side of your mouth). They each also have products that plump thinning lips.


Radiesse uses a different ingredient — calcium hydroxylapatite — to restore fullness to your face and reduce lines and wrinkles. This filler contains calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in an aqueous gel carrier, which provide immediate volume but also spur collagen synthesis.

The results

One of the main advantages of our dermal fillers is that they offer immediate results. With a few injections, we can make a dramatic difference on the lower half of your face in just minutes.

And these results can last anywhere from six months to a year, depending upon how your body processes the filler and where we use it. Once your body starts to naturally absorb the filler, you simply return for a follow-up treatment.

If you’d like to discover what so many of our other clients are already smiling about, give us a call to set up your filler appointment. Or use the easy online booking tool.


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