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Why Is My Skin So Rough?

Why Is My Skin So Rough?

It’s inevitable that, as the years pass, your skin reflects years of exposure to the elements with changes that reveal secrets you’d rather not reveal. Along with lines and sun spots, your skin may display a rough texture that was absent just a few years ago. 

Some contributors to rough skin may be genetic, such as pore size. You can often only reduce the appearance of flaws like this. Other factors, though, may have solutions. Two common conditions often combine to create unflattering three-dimensionality to your skin. 

Dr. Richard Blanchar and our team at Bayview General Medicine know that feeling your best often means looking your best, too. That’s one reason we specialize in medical aesthetic procedures — to help you shine. We’re skin care specialists, and we offer in-demand treatments like skin resurfacing and the wildly popular HydraFacial. When rough skin gets you down, count on us to restore your smooth glow. 

Dryness and dead skin

One of the key reasons that acne develops is the combination of oily sebum secretions and dead skin cells mixing to form a pore-blocking substance that leads to acne infections. As you get older, your skin naturally becomes drier, and dead skin cells start to dominate. 

Since your skin is always regenerating, old cells continue to shed. Without a skin care regimen that addresses this additional buildup of old tissue, you’ll notice increasingly rough skin on your face and other body parts. 

Increasing skin dryness exacerbates this problem: Flaky skin piles onto the already rough surface, magnifying the issue. There’s not a single solution to this type of rough skin; you must address both dryness and dead skin accumulation. 

Hydration and exfoliation

Moisturizers are the obvious solution for dry skin. However, on their own, they provide a potential substitute for naturally occurring sebum, which may be a recipe for reactivating acne, particularly with the excess of shedding skin. 

Any attempt to rehydrate your skin needs an exfoliation step first. Stripping away dead skin cells immediately smooths and brightens, and by adding hydration after, you extend the benefits of treatment. Simply, well-hydrated skin won’t shed cells at the same rate as dry and flaky conditions. 

Treatments for rough skin

Starting with the exfoliating process, we recommend two treatments to our patients. While there are many ways to resurface your skin, the Elite iQ™ dual-wavelength aesthetic laser brings technology to the forefront with precision and elegance. Elite iQ matches the treatment to your skin condition and offers a gentle yet thorough approach to multiple skin conditions, including exfoliation. We offer powerful moisturizers by SkinMedica® and Avène® to complement your Elite iQ session. 

Hydrafacial combines exfoliation and hydration in a single treatment boosted by skin-level suction to thoroughly cleanse your skin while extracting the skin cells and impurities that add up to rough skin. The treatment finishes with a custom nourishment step designed for your skin conditions.  

No matter how rough skin affects your life, we’ve got an answer. Contact Bayview General Medicine by phone or online to schedule a personal skin care consultation. Smooth out the effects of time by booking a session with us today. 

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