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Why PicoSure is the Best Tattoo Removal Solution

So you’re finally regretting getting that horrible tattoo after a few too many drinks in college, huh? Well, whether that’s the reason or if it’s for professional reasons, tattoo removal is easy if you head the right route. Laser tattoo removal has been around for a few years now, but there’s a new type of tattoo removal that’s not only more efficient, but less painful.

PicoSure is the latest in laser technology and it’s a safe and effective tattoo removal procedure. So, why is PicoSure better? Well, aside from being the latest and most advanced technology to date, PicoSure also has greater efficiency with successfully removing that unwanted ink.

How is PicoSure Different?

Before PicoSure, those physicians who specialize in tattoo removal used a Q-Switch laser which broke up the pigment at a slow pace, and it would break up those pigments into not so small pebble like particles. However, with PicoSure, we can speed up the entire process because this new laser creates pressure waves that target the ink and brown spots while leaving the unaffected pigments alone. With this new method, the results also include clearer skin in just a few treatments as well as a quicker recovery time.

4 Benefits of Choosing PicoSure

  1. Tattoo ink is removed three times faster than with other tattoo removal systems.
  2. Tattoos are removed more effectively.
  3. Causes less damage to the tattooed skin and untouched skin.
  4. Reduces the overall level of pain experienced with other tattoo removal systems.

So what happens if you’re worried that PicoSure won’t pick up all the colors in your tattoo, especially if you have a tattoo with a lot of thick black ink? Well, the PicoSure laser is able to pick up an extremely broad spectrum of tattoo ink, therefore the ink pigments are better broken down.

If you’re interested in a PicoSure treatment or have any questions regarding the procedure and how it could benefit you, contact Dr. Blanchar in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Br. Blanchar specializes in PicoSure treatments, Botox injections, facial fillers, Juvederm and more.

Dr. Blanchar

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